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Manufacturing of building materials supports industry in Kuwait...

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Manufacturing of building materials supports industry in Kuwait
Industry 9/7/2008 3:20:00 PM

Businessman By Hanan Qaisi KUWAIT, Sept.7 (KUNA)

Managing Director of Kuwait Industries Union Ahmed Al-Nouri stressed the role of the industrial sector in the support of the county's conomy.

In an interview with KUNA, he said that he regarded the local manufacturing of building materials, to be the driving force behind real estate trade in Kuwait.

He also said that demand on the companies' products was high and that the company was focused mainly on the government sector and larger projects with the private sector. Another market that benefits regularly from the companies' products is the Iraqi market, which will be the turning point for a more regional, thus global expansion.

On being environmentally conscious, Al-Nouri said that the company worked in compliance to standards set by Kuwait's Environment Public Authority and the Public Authority for Industry. The company's waste undergoes a careful method of disposal and is discarded in an assigned area, with strict environmental standards also, applied on staff.

Kuwait Industries Union was originally a concept by a group of people back in 1984 previously called the "Union of Building Material Manufacturers,"
which later developed into its modern-day name.
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